CITEC - Precision Cooling Specialist

Established in Malaysia since 1996, CITEC International has constantly reinvented itself to evolve into one of the leading manufacturers for precision air conditioning products. CITEC is one of the global leaders in designing and manufacturing precision air conditioning system awarded with High Technology Manufacturer. CITEC places great emphasis on achieving the highest standards and incorporates stringent quality controls throughout its operations. Every CITEC product is designed and built within a Quality Management System ISO9001, Environmental Management System ISO14001, Occupational Health & Safety Assessment System ISO18001, and has obtained CE, CQC and CCC certification with our unrivalled experience in Precision Air Conditioning, with extensive testing of components and complete systems. Every aspect is engineered to ensure maximum reliability, economy of operation and long working life, together with ease of installation and maintenance.

Excellent products from state-of-the-art engineering software and facilities.

As the expert in the field of precision air conditioning, CITEC thrives on Research and Development (R&D) to deliver innovative products that are of exceptional standards with best performance, reliability and efficiency. We create real value and business differentiation by taking an integrated approach covering all aspects of our customers’ businesses.

The design of CITEC precision air conditioner is done by using the advanced Solidworks 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) system, which consider every complex design details. At the same time, the Computational Fluid Dynamics software (CFD) is used to optimize the airflow inside the unit, eliminating the potential issues that are difficult to observe during testing, ensuring the best performance and maximum operating efficiency of the product.

The precision air conditioning integrated performance testing laboratory at CITEC China plant which obtained the national Class A CNAS certification was designed and built by Hefei General Machinery & Electrical Products Inspection Institute (GMPI), a multidiscipline and comprehensive national class A scientific research institute under direct jurisdiction of China National Machinery Industry Corporation. The testing methods are according to ASHRAE Standards and the National Standards of the People's Republic of China. Each product is rigorously tested in the laboratory before it is roll to the market, so the quality and performance of the product are effectively guaranteed.

CITEC precision air conditioning system with the most cutting-edge technology and expertise, informative display, intelligent monitoring, bringing you the future technology.


Citec International Ltd.
Flat B, 13/F, 60 Hung To Road,
Hung Fuk Factory Building,
Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

T: +852 2827 0688
F: +852 2598 6203
Citec International Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
89, Cosmo Office Park Building,
7th Floor, Popular 3 Road, Ban Mai,
Pak Kret, Nonthaburi 11120, Thailand.

T: +66 2019 0548
F: +66 2019 0548
Citec International Sdn. Bhd.
No. 1C (3rd Floor), Jalan Anggerik
Vanilla X31/X, Kota Kemuning,
Section 31, 40460 Shah Alam,
Selangor, Malaysia.
T: +603 5124 5668
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Guangzhou Citec Engineering Co. Ltd.
Room 807, Time Square East,
No. 30, Tianhe North Road,
Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China.

T: +862 0 3886 5819 / 5971
F: +862 0 3886 9400
Citec International (SEA) Pte. Ltd.
16 New Industrial Road #04-05,
Hudson Techno Centre,
Singapore 536204.

T: +62 6281 7748
F: +62 6281 4412
Dongguan Citec China Co., Ltd.
No.2 & 6, Second Yinhe Road,
Shishuikou, Qiaotou Town,
523528 Dongguan City,
Guangdong Province, China.

T: +867 69 8300 7388
F: +867 69 8300 7389


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