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Engineered to run seamlessly in critical mission environment. Ability to deliver constant cooling through efficient and intelligent controls. Precise temperature and humidity control all year round is guaranteed. Designed to provide flexibility on limited or large installation space. G-Volution series is designed with a wide range of options to suit every requirement for reliable and precise condition control.

Typical applications include:


CITEC G-Volution series offer a wide range of system and capacities to suit various applications.

ES Range offers a direct expansion system which can also be fitted with DC Inverter Compressors. It will be able to regulate the capacity based on actual cooling demand from 30% to 100%. It can control the supply of air temperature precisely within a tight operating tolerance resulting in a reduction of the unit energy consumption with higher efficiency during part load operation.

Chilled Water series comes with exclusively two different range; EC and ECL to suit various requirements and applications.

The EC range is designed to fit in large coils with a maximum heat exchange surface. It has a low coil face velocity thus reducing air friction loss, therefore ensuring the units operate at the highest efficiency.

The ECL range comes standard with an underfloor EC fan as standard and is designed to deliver maximum performance with minimum footprint. Cooling coils are designed and arranged to achieve maximum heat transfer surface area within limited cabinet space. ECL range is best suited for data centers with elevated floorings.

Electronic Pressure Independent Valve (EPIV) can be fitted into the EC & ECL range as options that will incorporate a flow meter and a 2-way control valve. The actuator has a powerful algorithm that modulates the control valve to maintain and measure the water flow rate regardless of variations in system differential pressure.

Unique dual coil series, the EH range is designed to provide the highest level of redundancy. There are two types of dual coil system; dual chilled water system or a combination of direct expansion and chilled water system. The EH range complies with various applications preventing downtime whilst safeguarding the operations of your data center. Should a fault be detected in the primary system, the unit operating condition will be closely monitored while performing the switch from primary to the secondary system with CITEC powerful Genius 5+ controller.

G-Volution 50Hz

G-Volution 60Hz

CITEC EH Range ‘C Version’ is designed with two sets of chilled water coil within a single cabinet, connected to two independent; primary and secondary sources. During maintenance for the primary source or should a fault be detected, the unit shall changeover to the secondary source for continuous operation.

CITEC EH Range ‘A/W’ version consists of a dual system; the DX system and the CW system within a single cabinet. Systems will operate utilising low cost chilled water as a primary source. The DX system will take-over should a fault with the chilled water be detected or during chiller shut down for maintenance. In buildings with centralized chilled water supply during office hours, chilled water can be utilized as a primary source and switched to the DX system as a secondary source after office hours.


The modular concept offers flexibility in combining two smaller size units due to limited corridor space. It also allows a combination of additional unit onto an existing installed unit to meet higher cooling requirements for future facility expansion.


The G-Volution series is equipped with a robust solid and rigid double skin insulated panel as standard. The double skin insulated panel with lining provides excellent sound isolation and prevent air leakages during unit operation.


Built-in components can be easily accessible from the front which significantly improves the maintainability and serviceability of the unit.


The innovative Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV) provides highly efficient control of refrigerant flow based on real-time feedback. The EEV can provide fast, stable and precise control even under low-load condition. The presence of the temperature and pressure probe allow real time monitoring of suction temperature and pressure as well as the superheat of the system.


An underfloor version of the EC fan is available for downflow models. Studies have shown that the placement of underfloor EC fans contribute to a 10% to 15% improvement in performance and is recommended for users who would like to utilize the full capacity of the EC fan. These fans are pre-wired and pre-packaged into the Precision Air Conditioning unit prior to delivery for instant installation.

With the innovation of CITEC, underfloor EC fan is mounted to the base of unit and lowered down to under-raised floor during site installation, promoting:

• Better air flow distribution
• Reduction of fan power inputs
• Convenience of service and maintenance
• Cost saving on installation and equipment


The Electronically Commutated (EC) fan motor combination offers a number of advantages over traditional belt-driven forward curved centrifugal blower, such as:

  • Higher efficiency compared to forward curved fans
  • Reduced losses due to the absence of pulley and belt usage in the standard belt-driven fan
  • 15-30% more energy savings
  • Variable speed control
  • Maintenance-free, higher reliability
  • Soft start feature, where the fan slowly ramps up to the desired speed.