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CITEC CNR units are standalone precision air conditioner units designed for row-based high-density cooling applications with high return air temperatures; delivering high efficiency and optimum air distribution. These units come with great flexibility and compatibility, available for direct expansion and chilled water system, and are available in 300mm and 600mm width.


  • Compatible in modular arrangement with common racks available in the market.
  • Equipped with CITEC Genius 5+ controller with BMS interface.
  • Equipped with supply air temperature sensors for supply air control.
  • Attractive touch screen color display with temperature and humidity trend graph feature, including component operational status.
  • Unique coil arrangement to deliver maximum cooling performance within a compact footprint.
  • Variable speed EC fan for airflow modulation to adapt to thermal load requirements.
  • DC Inverter technology with variable capacity modulation between 30% to 100% to achieve precise control of temperature and humidity.
  • Environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant.
  • High accuracy Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV) for Direct Expansion system.
  • The chilled water system comes with a two-way modulating valve for chilled water flow control.


  • Side Discharge
  • Humidifier and Heater
  • Rack Depth of 1200mm
  • BMS Connectivity
  • Water Leak Detection System
  • Dual Power Supply
CNR 50Hz

CNR 60Hz