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The CITEC Assist Flow (CAF) is designed to improve airflow in data centers. As the heat density of server racks in modern data centers continue to grow, the application of standard Precision Air Conditioning units alone have become insufficient to cater to this need.

When used in conjunction with standard Precision Air Conditioning equipment, CAF offers a revolutionary solution for high density heat load in data centers. CAF adjusts the airflow according to the required heat load while simultaneously providing energy savings whenever lower airflow is required during periods of low heat load.



  • Fits into the floor void of a standard 600mm x 600mm floor grid
  • CAF comprises of eight models, two types of fan
  • Nominal airflow range from 850m³/hr to 3,400m³/hr

CAF shall be placed in front of server rack. Cold air supplied from Precision Air Conditioning unit can be channelled to the heat load source through CAF. Airflow is automatically adjusted by a microprocessor controller to ensure there is just enough cold air supplied to server racks. This is done by having a temperature sensor placed at the upper level of the entrance of server rack.