The Genius 5+ Controller is loaded with our in-house program featuring special control algorithm dedicated for precision air conditioning use.

  • Pin to pin compatible with Genius 3
  • 2 sizes: Medium and Small
  • Optional USB port for download log file and uploading program with USB key
  • USB Host and client with USB connection with PC
  • Built in RS485, can use for Modbus or Carelbus
  • Store up to 100 alarm events


  • Large liquid crystal display (132 x 64)
  • Providing icon status of the unit functions
  • Parameter menus
  • Access to other controllers via the network system
  • Six access keys, providing access to controller/local network features


  • 4.3" touch screen with resolution of 480 x 272 with 64k color and LED backlight
  • User password protected
  • Trend graph
  • Animated graphic
  • Multiple language include English, Chinese, Japanese and Thai
  • On screen keyboard