With High Density Heat Containment (HDHC) technology, data centers can be utilized or built in a substantially more efficient manner to save upfront costs and reduce operation costs. The heat containment creates a pathway for the enclosed warm air to separate and travel away from your data servers via high flow, low powered fans. In return, cool air is delivered into the rack through the raised floor perforated tiles.

With this arrangement, the maximum amount of cool air will consistently be available to the IT equipment load whereas all waste heat will be effectively enclosed and ducted back to the cooling units.


  • Fully populate server racks while also increasing power density and energy efficiency
  • Decrease power costs
  • Revolutionize how data centers are designed, built and operated
  • Increase computing power in data centers
  • Decrease incidents of server failure due to heat damage


  • Integrated fan for easy installation and deployment
  • Pressure transmitter to monitor real time differential air pressure
  • Temperature sensors to monitor real time air temperature at the inlet and outlet
  • Auto Reset Thermal Overload Protection for fan motor and power supply
  • Alarm Notification
  • Remote ON/OFF switch (optional)
  • Ducting (optional)


Adjustable Feet

Equipment Tray

PDU 14 Way UK Socket

PDU IEC Socket

Blank Panel