The CITEC High Performance Air Cooled Condenser (HEC) is built for outdoor operations where space is a concern and at the same time required high heat rejection. It is quiet, reliable, corrosion-resistant and equipped with direct-drive propeller fans and copper tube aluminum fin coils.

Same model can be mounted in either horizontal or vertical airflow configuration allowing for flexibility when allocating space during the design stage & during installation. Simple electrical connection to isolator and refrigerant piping connection is all that's needed.

Quiet but Dependable

All HEC units operate at smooth, quiet sound levels with minimal noise generation. HEC operates under severe weather conditions and the materials used are designed to withstand outdoor operations. Minimal maintenance work is required.

One Unit for Many Conditions

The HEC is designed to adapt to various site conditions and design requirements. Do contact us for more customization options including the installation of energy efficient EC fans, liquid receivers and fan speed controllers.